The million dollar question on the lips of every business owner and startup is how much should you budget for SEO services?

Countless business owners and SEO service providers struggle with this question every day due to the fact there isn’t really a one size fits all answer.

To get to the point, there is a wide variety of things that must be taken into consideration before giving a quote for SEO services. However, one thing is for certain that good quality SEO is essentially a full time job and a time consuming task for any business owner to focus on and execute to a high level.

Right now, We are in a pandemic.

During a pandemic, companies rethink their budgets.

Every organization and local business is looking for ways to spend less money, and to spend the money they have more efficiently and resourcefully.

Lots of business owners are currently putting a lot more leg work into t, trying to find the “best deal” however, this is where it is dangerous for the business owner to assume that all SEO agencies and SEO services are equal.

You can’t expect a £50 Per a month SEO service, to match that of a £1000 a month service. If you know how SEO works, then you will understand that good quality SEO is a time consuming task and those that are claiming to do it for ridiculously low prices aren’t actually giving you a deal, they are giving you low quality SEO, that will eventually end up with you been penalised by the Google search Engines, which will result in your website been totally wiped out from the Google search engines!

After 15 years in the SEO game, I have a pretty good idea of the minimum amount of effort it takes to show success.

The Bottom Line

If you are shopping SEO costs, you’re costing yourself money.

Cheap SEO is probably not being completed by someone with a lot of experience.

If corners are being cut, you can actually get yourself in trouble.

Bad SEO, or SEO that doesn’t follow the guidelines set forth by the search engines, is usually worse than no SEO at all.

Clearly, a lower-cost program either doesn’t provide adequate results to show an effective return, or someone is working for an incredibly low wage.

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