The real cost and impact a slow website has on your business could be severly underestimated and costing you more than you think.

One common overlooked feature of a website is it’s speed! I see it all too often a client comes to me with a fancy website that they have had designed but it’s slow to load, clunky and not optimized for speed or “user experience”

The reason slow websites cost you money is that slow websites do not rank highly in the search engines, PERIOD! You can do months of SEO and get on page 1 but you will never hit number 1 in the search engines, if your website is slow. Google views slow websites as a bad user experience for the searcher and that in turn has an overall negative impact on your rankings. Think about it logically, Google is a service and they want to deliver fast websites, that provide the searchers intent with the relevant content to that searcher. Slow websites also have high bounce rate, this means that when a client/customer is on the website and it’s slow, they will click the back button on your website and end up onto your competitors website. So you see now, why it is so important to have a fast website to deliver the.

How To Check Your Pagespeed ?

There are several online free tools you can use to check your page speed.


To check your website speed on pingdom, you will need to do the following steps.

  1. URL – Enter your website in the URL section.
  2. Test From – If you are based in the UK, select “Europe – United Kingdom – London”
  3. Click “START TEST”


To check your website speed on GTMetrix you will need to do the following steps.

  1. Enter URL
  2. Click “Test your site”

Google Pagespeed Insights

To check your website speed on Google Pagespeed Insights you will need to do the following steps.

  1. Enter your URL
  2. Click “ANALYZE”

Google pagespeed insights is my favorite tool! It’s also Google’s very own page speed checker and provides valuable insights into why your pagespeed is slow.

If you have a slow website and would like a qualified expert to fix your speed issues, please do not hesitate to schedule in a free consultation with us here

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