Today I am going to show you can EASILY claim upto £120 in FREE ADVERTISING from Google. This offer will only work one time, so if you have already used it, then you will not be able to use the offer again. Unless, you start the account from a completly fresh account and payment details.

Firstly, you will need to navigate here

Once you are there, it’s a fairly straight forward process. In the screenshot below, you will see the following steps you will need to take to claim your google voucher code.

  1. Enter your email address
  2. Select the following checkbox “Google may contact me occasionally with tips on getting started with Google Ads or with Google Ads-related promotions.*”
  3. Select Recaptcha
  4. Click the “Get the offer code”

You will then need to navigate to your email inbox that you used when you signed up to Google ads. You should see the following email, with the Google voucher code inside.

Some other things you need to know before starting your Google Advertisting Campaign, is that when you activate the google voucher code, you will need to add £25 to Google Ads Account. Google are also offering to DOUBLE your advertising credit when you spend up to £120. Which in my opinion is fantastic opportunity for those just starting out in business and have very little marketing budget to play with.

If you would like an expert to help you setup you Google Ad Campaigns, please do not hestitate to contact one of our PPC experts here

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