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Bring your dream a reality with Genix web and design team, that have a prooven track record when it comes to custom web design

Based in the heart of one of the UK’s most creative and liveliest cities, Genix Marketing is a multi-disciplinary web design and branding agency for businesses that want to inspire trust and create meaningful connections.

We don’t just make pretty things. Our websites are specifically designed with conversion first and foremost, providing the best platform for any SEO and marketing campaigns.

Planning & Scoping

We’re your website design agency, so it’s our responsibility to
ensure a smooth design process, ultimately sending the site live on time
and within budget. We spend a considerable amount of time with clients
developing a detailed website scope and truly understanding their
communications strategy. This can include everything from analytics data
displaying user flows and navigation, through to individual
functionality and design styles.

We believe we offer the highest quality web design services in London. As such, we have to maintain our attention to detail from start to finish. Prototyping Armed with a website scope, our website designers can start to put together moodboards, wireframes and prototypes. We call this ‘setting the style’. Our team will focus on 2 major pages and work with you to refine designs and functionality on these pages. This allows us to gain a true understanding of style preferences and the effectiveness of designs. Unbiased testing can also take place, enabling both parties to make data driven decisions on designs.

High Quality Web Design

Complete design of every page template and functionality for the
website. Responsive web design comes as standard, with individual mobile
designs created to deliver the best UX/UI no matter what the device.
Designed on the latest technology including Adobe XD, Photoshop or
Sketch, our design process allows for clear feedback, ensuring that the
project remains on track.

Custom Website Development

Genix team of web developers are experienced developing
websites on all major content management systems, including WordPress
(including Woo Commerce), Shopify, Drupal, Joomla and Magento. All of
our websites are developed on a staging environment and managed via
market leading project management software.

We work with you to ensure that the CMS is set up to provide as much
flexibility as possible in terms of ongoing management for internal
teams. Finally, our sites are developed with SEO strategies in mind. As
such, we optimise load speeds, implement SSL, connect with CDNs and
ensure that conversion tracking is fully integrated during the website

Content & Migration

We will work with you to map out the content required for the site
and populate the staging server with textual content, imagery and video.
If the website is being redesigned, our digital marketing team will
create a project plan to ensure that the site is fully migrated,
including redirects to prevent any broken links and 404s.

Q&A and Final Testing

The final stage before pushing the new website live. Our web
designers will fully bug test the site on multiple devices and browsers.
Furthermore, all functionality will be tested including eCommerce
payments via a sandbox mode. Any further API integrations can also be
tested so that we are confident of a smooth go live process.

Go Live & Management

The most exciting part of the design and development project. This is
where you can reveal your website to the world. Our development team
will manage a back up of the old site alongside your new site being
pushed to a production server and synced with your domain. The website
will be closely monitored to ensure that it functions according to the
signed off designs and project specification.


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